Geometry and Sex – The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction and the Complexity Theory

Muscles, Butts and derivates

H ave you ever asked yourself why you find something or someone attractive?

We usually don't ask ourselves this kind of questions, we use affirmations as: "this is my taste" or "I just like her" or "she/he is so gorgeous". Well, 2 of the basic shapes used in sacred geometry can reveal us some interesting patterns about attraction.
The Cube and the Sphere are used in many traditions to perform rituals and create magic results. They are also the basic principles of the Complexity Theory.

As a man of science, I'd like to start from that. The Complexity Theory is a very long and -as the name says- complex topic, but I'd like to use it just to put the bases for further elaborations. This Theory studies how it is possible that organic Life exists in this world. To keep it essential what the theory says is that animated life - organisms, plants, bacterias, animals, humans - can only exist because these creatures can oscillate between being a crystal and being water.

What we call LIFE on Earth is created by organisms that hold the ability to shift from a CUBE (crystal, rigid, stationary, solid) to a SPHERE (water, changeable, movement, liquid). It means inside us we are always keeping a structure, while incessantly changing. COOL, ISN'T IT?

Now I know what you are thinking:"Hey, what all this has to do with SEX?"

Well, we all came from a sexual encounter, isn't it? A man and a woman met, were intimate, then each one of us has its own story... but we all needed a Man and a Woman!


The Masculine principle is represented in sacred geometry by the CUBE, he is solid, firm, strong, unchangeable, squared..etc
well is not always like this (almost never), but this is what women find attractive in a man.
So while our partners and girlfriends are telling us how nice we are when we show up with our sensitivity, then they have dirty dreams with the jerk next door because he is the rare option they have nowadays to feel some masculine cubic energy.

Model men are muscled, pumped, you can see the muscles lines well defined, their haircut is precise, their dresses straight, they look imperturbable and unchangeable! This makes them seductive.

Men don't like to change, expose and share, we have 4 T-shirts and it's enough!


The principle regulating femininity in sacred geometry is the SPHERE, she is changeable, round, always new, available... etc and again, this is not how women behave or look like, but this is what we men find attractive in women! Also here, while men try to control their women and keep them quiet and less emotional, they dream about the wild-pussy next door sharing her half-naked-pictures around, because she is spreading everywhere her... CURVES!

Breasts, men want them as round as possible, women try to keep them as up as possible.
Butts, same tale.
Lips, man want them big and provocative, women fill them with silicon until the explosion-limit.

Women like to change, be unique, have a lot of choices, never look the same, they like to speak and share their feelings, they are more open.

NOTE: What I'm saying might sound stereotyped, and yes this is exactly what I want to tell you:

we have inside us stereotyped models of masculine and feminine

better called ARCHETYPES: primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors, and present collectively on Earth with the same characteristics.

Men are attracted by spheres, women are attracted by cubes.

There's more than this...

Men are afraid of becoming spheres, to change, to lose their faces. This is why they just want to do always the same thing.
But... no sphere - no growth.

On the other side women are afraid of being cubes, to be boring, similar to another woman, to not be able to speak or share their feelings. This is why they always want to change.
But... no cube - no growth.

So what do we do?


This very simple tool will allow you to experience your sexual "missing part" inside of you. Allowing this energy will bring you more ease when relating with the opposite sex/energy (I believe you understand is not only about men and women but about masculine and feminine energy that can be displayed in any kind of relationship) and will support you to keep the passion and erotic tension alive and healthy in your life.

If you are a man

breathe the SPHERE in, play with it, allow it in you, close your eyes and see the majesty of this shape, its uncontrollability and ROUNDNESS! just look at it and continue to breathe, make it yours. And do this exercise as much as you want during the day, it will allow you to integrate the female part that we all have, the one that wants to change. We need it to advance in our lives.

If you are a woman

breathe the CUBE in, worship it, make space for you in it, close your eyes and allow its stability and firmness, its SQUARENESS! keep this shape in you, make it yours. Repeat this exercise as much as you want during the day, it will help you integrate your masculine part, the one that wants to be still. You need it to concretize your shifts.

I hope this will bring some light to your day,
I believe we can live amazing love relationship with our partners,
to do that, we might benefit to recognise them in us, to love them from within!

Please post here your comments,

Write me and if you are interested to know more about SACRED GEOMETRY check out the LIGHT LANGUAGE page on my website.

With Love
P Valentino B

Peppino Bellusci
Peppino Bellusci
Peppino is a gifted Awakened Doctor, carefully and authentically blending Modern Medicine with Ancient Shamanic Wisdom to assist others in reaching their Natural healthy state...

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