What is a Woman ? – A journey from illusion to sacred simplicity

First of all: If you are a man, you are very welcome to read here with us. We wouldn´t exist without you.


Without polarity actually, nothing could ever have existed.

How much we women are linked and associated with the word “woman” without really knowing what it means.

The dictionary is saying quite clear and dry:
“a woman is an adult female human being.”

Well, sounds simple and not that complicated, but let’s have a look at our mental categorizations and concepts about this “adult female human being”.
What are your ideas about women, being a woman, how do women behave? Where do you see the label of society and especially the media that is put on women?

Take a piece of paper, open a new document, write .. just write. Let all of it come down to the paper .. I really invite you to stop reading and do this exercise for yourself.


Thank You …

Here is my list of bullshits:

Women cry too much.
Women are hypersensitive beings.
Women are supposed to be passive and receptive (especially sexually spoken)
Women one day become mothers and this is their purpose.
Women are more beautiful than men.
Women’s beauty is measured by the size of their Age, Boobies and Butts
Women are more emotional than men.
Women have long hair and wear skirts. The longer the hair, the more woman.
Women are associated with the colour pink.
Women have less power in the politics and are still less paid.
Women got once burned for their wisdom.
Women are …
Women do …
Women …

As we might see in some of our notes:
Especially the definition of a woman gets pretty much defined by the distinction towards what is a man.

And the more we dive into this realm of the topic “woman” – “feminine”, we also understand, that this area is full – and I would even say polluted – by ideas, concepts, expectations and projections most likely not even coming from a woman’s consciousness.

How can we cross through this jungle?

How do you feel about all this?
How do you feel your spine, your head, your heart?
What does your uterus say about All this?

How much are these projections really touching your inner core?

Let’s go deeper to peel the whole onion and ask again. Let´s ask together.
Say it out loud. Now:



W h a t   is   a  Woman? 



I don´t have any answer to this. And it is a big question if an answer is even existing. I doubt that a general answer would be appropriate.

While I am writing, I am seeing, that I want to satisfy you, give you the answer, the right concept, especially a very deep and spiritual one.

There are so many expectations about being a woman, how to be, how to move, how to act, what to wear, who to date and and and …

Do you see this figure on the horizon? She is very far away but you can see it.

It is the woman who one day you want to be. She is shining, colourful, sexy and superattractive. She knows who she is, she can deal with money, men and masters her sexuality.

She is there and one day you will be there.
You just need to become more feminine and more conscious about how you make love.
You just need to lose a bit of weight and stop to eat unhealthy stuff.
You just need to overcome your ego and step into your potential.

Then you will be her.

One day!

There is a lot of joy and also sadness in the same place because it is so far and your self-worth is not always allowing you to trust in becoming that!

There are now some good news and some bad news.
The bad news: This woman there at the horizon .. You will never ever become that.
The good news: Nothing better than letting her go, this superficial dream of a sexy feminine goddess in the sky.

And another good news.


There is Nowhere to go and Nobody to become.


I Invite you to deeply and truly connect with your inner core, your heart, your pure self or however you want to call it. Connect. Breathe. Breathe it in, the silent light that sits inside your heart-chakra. And breathe out all the concepts, ideas and projections you and the world might have about you as a woman and women in general.
This is a service. It is a collective cleansing. Do it. Do it now. Do it seriously. Breathing out all illusions and breathing in the pure divine light, that is going to flavour your very unique manifestation of Be-ing a Woman.

There might be fears coming up .. fears of not knowing who to be anymore. The fear of losing yourself.
There might be sadness, that it was a painful struggle to try to be a woman, that you are not at all and that your inner true self never wanted to become.

The inner true self doesn´t need to become at all.
She doesn´t. She is.

Be yourself. No one else.

If you feel you are ready to dive deeper into your very unique way of being a woman, peeling the onion and finding your own way beyond all the noises, contact me and let yourself be guided in a one-to-one Session.


With Love and Gratitude,


Simone Gorholt
Simone Gorholt
As a healer, Simone is creating a deep and sacred space for her client to unfold, where patterns can come up, show themselves and be released in a non-judgmental way...


  1. sarah schall says:

    Hallo meine liebe Simone, lange ist es her.. Immer mal wieder habe ich im Internet nach dir gesucht um zu schauen was du wohl gerade so machst. Nie habe ich dich vergessen, meine liebe Freundin aus meiner Kindheit 😍

    Mittlerweile sind viele Jahre vergangen und wie ich sehe bist du auch Mutter von 2 Kindern, meinen Glückwunsch! Und ich freue mich das du deine Leidenschaft gefunden hast.

    Dein Artikel ‘Was ist eine Frau’ hat mich wachgerüttelt. Du bringst es auf den Punkt. Ich habe immer immer immer das Gefühl, ich müsse mich ändern,bessern, um endlich die Figur am Horizont zu werden… Aber eigentlich will ich das gar nicht! Ich will mich lieben wie ich bin und mich nicht blenden lassen vom drumherum und daran arbeite ich jeden Tag. Du hast mich mit deiner Sicht bestärkt, Simone. Danke!

    Vielleicht schreibst du mir mal zurück, ich würde mich sehr freuen.

    Liebe Grüβe
    Sarah Schall (geb. Paculla)

    • Simone says:

      Hey Sarah, ich freu mich, dass du dich meldest und dir der Artikel gut gefallen hat. Voll schoen, dich auf diesem Weg wiederzufinden und ich freu mich total, dass es dich wachruettelt. Es ist wichtig, dass wir hinterfragen, was wir denken, sein zu muessen. Schreib mir doch mal hier: simone@thenatureoflife.org dann hab ich deine e-mail und wir schreiben privat weiter. Alles Liebe !

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