Go and Hug Yourself! – The Art of Self-Value

Go and Hug Yourself! – The Art of Self-Value


Do you love yourself?

How does it feel to really love yourself?

It doesn’t mean, that you are happy with everything that you are and do and
that there is nothing to be improved.
It means to be in Peace with the process.
It means to also love the fact,
that you are not happy with everything you are and do.

Imagine, that all your life was stuffed with definitions
of who you are. What defines you as a person, as a man, as a woman,
as a parent, as a whatever-profession.
You built your life and your worth based on Outside-circumstances.
Your value depended always on how your day went,
how many clients called you, how successfully you proceeded with your painting or other projects.
Your overall resume of worth was a summary of how much love you received that day from your partner,
your friends, your mother, your children …

The more you go deeper into practice 

of mindfulness and meditation the more ideas of who you are and
who you should be

And then there is a deeper value,
that is far away from action, outside appearance and social success.
There is a value for yourself
inside your heart
and endless space of worth and love
for all that you are,
for your essence

your true self.

Take a moment. This Moment is just for yourself,
wherever you are reading it.
Take this moment as an invitation to your Soul
to drop everything out there,
that had until now the permission
to define your value.
Let it go.

Fire them all …

and start to give value to yourself.
and for that nothing is needed to be done.

Don’t make anyone responsible to love you.
love yourself,
love yourself passionately and infinitely.

And this is not only a service for yourself.
Self-Value and Love for your own Being are far from being selfish.
Really honouring and celebrating who you are
is a Service to humanity and
will expand the Peace and Happiness everywhere
The more people cultivate this truly and deeply.

If you don’t value yourself, 

how can anyone else in the world do it for you?

With All my Heart ,


Simone Gorholt
Simone Gorholt
As a healer, Simone is creating a deep and sacred space for her client to unfold, where patterns can come up, show themselves and be released in a non-judgmental way...

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