Healing Wisdom Germany 2020

with Peppino Bellusci MD

Part I: NATIVE INTELLIGENCE I – The Brain – A place of Presence
20.April 2020 6-9 pm Möglichkeitenraum / Steinhagen

Part II: NATIVE INTELLIGENCE II – Autonomous Nervous System – A Touch into Wholeness
21. April 2020 6-10 pm Möglichkeitenraum / Steinhagen

Part III: HEALING WISDOM – 5 days retreat Into the Wisdom of your own Body
22.-26. April 2020 Liebelle / Porta Westfalica




You have been learning about the anatomy and function (physiology) of your nervous system from so many outside sources like books, documentaries, teachers, etc, that you might think you know your “inside”. And still, all this accumulated knowledge doesn’t fulfil you, maybe you don’t manage to relax as you would like to or you just feel a lack of communication and not so much trust for your body’s innate intelligence.

In this evening class, Dr Peppino Bellusci will guide you to use conventional medicine integrated with shamanic techniques, so that you will be able to consciously connect with your brain and nerves and get to know them from the “inside”. When you can feel your brain and its activity, when you are aware of what’s going on in your head, you will need less control, less discipline, fewer tools, fewer drugs.

This class is for you if you want to:

  • rebalance your nervous system
  • start to recover from chronic mental stress
  • let go of old theories about who you are and start to explore by yourself your TRUE nature
  • have another perspective on what Medicine is
  • learn how to combine medical knowledge with ancient shamanic healing wisdom

In this evening you will:

  • release mental stress
  • learn how to feel your Brain activity and modulate it
  • learn how to use our medical knowledge TOGETHER with ancient medicines wisdom
  • learn a healing technique to balance the 2 hemispheres of the brain

-Join us and Dr Peppino Bellusci to explore your Brain and Nervous system from a new and surprising perspective.

Duration 3h

Cost: 65 euros

Place: Möglichkeitenraum Steinhagen (Westfalen) www.moeglichkeitenraum.de


If science knows a lot about our brain, we still know very little about our Autonomous Nervous System, the one that regulates our heart, blood pressure, digestion, sexual drive, muscular tone and uncountable other functions. Psychotherapists say that this is the house of our Unconscious.

Sometimes you’ve understood that a change was needed, but it felt like nothing happened apart from your mental awareness about the “problem”. Sometimes it feels like it is taking a lifetime to change and improve an area of your life. You feel weak, your chronic pain comes and goes, diseases are always behind the door, digestion and weight are out of balance…

This is because some of your “settings” are very deeply ingrained into your body. And you need another way of communication to speak to them, to allow them to change.

In this evening together, Dr Peppino Bellusci will create a safe and clear space where you can discover more about your inner structures and start to release the old patterns to make space for the up-to-date version of yourself. It’s time to breath more deeply!

This class is for you if you want to:

  • update your whole body system into a new awareness
  • start the recovery from chronic issues
  • learn how to heal the autonomous systems of your body

In this workshop you will:

  • release body tensions
  • let go of chronic stress and pain
  • improve your vegetative state (heart rhythm, blood pressure, digestion, vitality, and more) learn a healing technique to work with unconscious body patterns
  • work on the power of human “touch”

Join us and Dr Peppino Bellusci to go deeper into your body awareness and experience the extraordinary power of Being Human.

Duration: 4h

Cost: 110 euros

Place: Möglichkeitenraum Steinhagen (Westfalen) www.moeglichkeitenraum.de

DAY 3 to 7

Have you ever asked yourself about your body intelligence… Wondering if you can really consider a disease as a form of wisdom?

It needs a lot of trust into your own body, into your own Self… and so many questions come to the surface…

Am I really able to Heal myself and others? And to what extent? Am I just crazy? Am I lying to myself and others? What’s this healing stuff, after all?

Illness – and Healing – are delicate topics, where your knowledge as a healer meets the logic of your mind, and where your pure intent of Healing is challenged by your Ego drive for power and control.

You want to be healthy, bring healing, so you study, experiment, try different medicines… and all the things you do are a sort of control above yourself, you don’t want the disease, you don’t want to listen to it… because it HURTS.

This retreat is about transforming this hurt into a luminous, awake and blissful gift. You will be guided by Dr Peppino Bellusci in all the main systems of your body, so to listen to them, with love and care. So your hurt will become wisdom, change, power… in one word: Healing.

You will learn how to be in contact with your body in a new way.
YOU will be the one bringing the knowledge to the surface. No books, no new theories. Just you with your ability to sense. You will write your own book, your own dictionary.

At the end of this retreat, you will be in deeper contact with yourself, you will be able to trust yourself more as a healer and more as a human being. You will be lighter as some of your pain will be gone and you will feel lighter with the knowledge that whatever new process or limitation will show up into your body, you will be there ready to transform it into something good for your life.

This course is for you if:

  •  you like healing and want to start this amazing path
  •  you are a healer and want to go deeper into the meaning of healing
  •  you are in a path of transformation and you feel this is your next step
  • you are dealing with a disease and you want to take more responsibility about it

In this retreat you also will :

  • learn how to listen to ALL of your body systems
  • learn how to listen to other people’s body systems
  • be initiated into shamanic healing techniques for each system of the body
  • learn ancient healing techniques coming from all over the world
  • get to know how YOU can become “Healing”
  •  receive gifts and embody the magic of being human

This is a profound and thorough class, here you will get in touch with the ancient wisdom of healers coming from all the continents of our Earth. This workshop is a magical space, it is blessed, miraculous and intimate. This is a place where Humans become love. And you are very welcome to join us.

Duration: 5 days 22.04.-26.04.2020
Wednesday 22.04.: 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. / Arrival from 2 p.m. Thursday to Saturday 23.-25-04.: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., 26.04. Sunday: 9 a.m. – around 2 p.m.

Cost: 1.554 euros including lunch (organic, vegan), snack, water and tea and one dinner.

EarlyBirds offer until March 18th – Healing Wisdom Retreat: 1.440euros (instead of 1.554 euros).

Place: Liebelle / Porta Westfalica www.die-liebelle.de

The seminars are held in English. German translation will be provided.


Further information and registration are possible via:

Cornelia Meerkamm: floversoflife.news@gmail.com

or Tel.: (049) 0177-1670111

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/events/904460379972505

Peppino Bellusci
Peppino Bellusci
Peppino is a gifted Awakened Doctor, carefully and authentically blending Modern Medicine with Ancient Shamanic Wisdom to assist others in reaching their Natural healthy state...

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