Our Vision

"The Nature of Life is a Sacred Space for your spirit to show up, for your body to spring, and for your passions to come to life".

- Cura e Amor -

Healing and Love.

We consider this two essences as one reflecting the other in the mirror.

We, as humans beings, are constantly changing. All the cells of our body change in few months.
We are fully, deeply, miraculously ALIVE.

And inside of us there's written all the knowledge for our life to unfold, to be healthy and joyful.

We take diseases as messages of our body, as the force that will bring us back to our healthy state, an evolved one.

Problems and diseases don't come to annoy us, they are also part of our intelligence.

We can look at all our issues - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and archetypical - as our inner GPS, which tells us where to go and when to change direction.
Nature shows us that every plant, every being and every mineral has its own intelligence, its own wisdom. On this simple principle, we are building the bases of our work.

We are here to support you in the process of
coming (back) into alignment with your nature
to get and stay connected with your inner rhythm and health.

Open your heart and let your life fly on its wings!