If you are a healer, leader or seeker who's ready to deepen the connection with yourself,
mature your HEALING abilities AND transform the meaning of Medicine–
then join Peppino, shamanic healer and medical doctor
for a new intensive retreat in Italy, Calabria
May 7-23, 2021!

The sun is setting behind the magnificent Mediterranean sea and the air is warm and peaceful. You are ready to sit at the fireplace, in silence, surrounded by tall oak trees that create a magical surrounding for an intimate evening circle.

Looking at the fire, you recognize the precious field of consciousness around you. People coming from varied places, reunited with you to deeply meet themselves. You feel the power in the air; so much humbleness and sacredness all around. You can feel your heart petals opening up into grace.

The Mediterranean is a magical energetic centre, full of volcanos, rivers, myth, and Life. While you look at it, each breath you take is refreshing, each moment is blessed, and you are there... simple, free and strong as you are!



Is there a constant heaviness and conflicting inner emotional storm preventing you from freeing your soul?
Our rituals by the sea and rivers will work stuck emotions and anxiety out of your system. You will instantly FEEL much more freshness and in peace into your heart!

Isn't it time to share your unique gifts with the world?
We know this is a deep longing. So everything in this retreat is dedicated to the rising of an authentic expression of your FREE spirit.

And what about these energies, this extra sensitivity that often hooks you in dramas or brings you into exhaustion (physical, mental or emotional)?
What a Remarkable Shift - to learn how your energetic body works - in order to liberate yourself from the constant feeling of being pushed and pulled by everything and everyone. To move easily and honestly with Life!


You need to remember that we have never been apart from nature, that we are an undissociated part of what we call nature. You are not alone against the forces of Nature. You are Nature. You are an active part of its Forces. We are living an intense moment, we as humans are going through a big wave of transformation, and so too is the world around you.
So its time... to clear stuck emotions, to liberate yourself from victim roles and toxic behaviours, to discover your talents, gifts and innate abilities.

And simply put, this retreat is the PERFECT ENVIRONMENT to start showing up with your light, embracing your BIG - LOVING - HEART and support others while maintaining healthy boundaries.

The world needs YOU light-hearted and connected with your FORCE OF NATURE!

It's time for conscious men and women to come together humbly and powerfully,
to actively create a new way of BEING on this Earth: Healthy, Aligned and Relaxed... to be able to BECOME healing!

I totally resonate with these words, I feel a strong YES!

The Venue

Calabria, San Nicola Arcella – in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by Trees, Rivers, Volcanos and lonely Beaches – a place of abundance created by a continuous transformation, where all the elements of nature are steadily awake.

We will be spending 17 extraordinary nights in the San Nicola Arcella hills, at the foot of one of the biggest Natural Parks of Europe, the Pollino National Park, your host will be Mother Nature herself!
You will be hosted in a private house/retreat centre ; our cook will prepare for you local delicious food: you will explore the area all around, making initiations and rituals in natural mystical places.

The place is peaceful and quiet; a small sweet forest will immediately make you feel regenerated .

Sun, clean air, crystal water and the beauty all around will support your body to transform and let go of what is not serving your life anymore.

I want to come!

The Food

Well, you don't need us to tell you...
Calabria is the place where Italian food shows up in all its MAGIC!

This is where the mediterranean sea marries the shining sun to bring to life amazing products, where the attention and care in the kitchen reach a level of mastery in each house.
Here, eating well is one of the highest values of life!

We will eat only local food, cooked slowly and following the Calabrese tradition. If you don't eat this or that – no problem – we are happy to accommodate any of your food preferences. A rich vegetarian menu will satisfy your taste and the variety of delicious dishes will exponentially raise the quality of your days!

The Benefits

So what do YOU expect if you spend 17 magical nights accessing your inner gifts and immersing yourself in the Wise Nature of Calabria?

Your Force, your Dreams and a lot of Support will show up – as will Clarity, Healing and a new mature Relationship with yourself.

This is a LIFE CHANGING retreat.

In this Retreat, you will:

  • Reconnect with your deepest soul wishes and create a life based on your intuition and guidance.
  • Identify and work out stuck emotions and anxiety that are keeping you from creating the life, relationships and work of your deepest heart desires.
  • Learn the deep wisdom of the Mexican Curanderos, and unleash your shamanic trait!
  • Open up into your Presence, where Calmness, Ease, Decisiveness, and Passion for life will bring your full potential to service of this planet.
  • Nurture your ability to hold space for TRUE HEALING to happen.

And If you have been working a lot or are always busy with others' needs and your body, mind and soul are run down... then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for to take nourishing time for yourself and sink deeper into your inner wisdom.

And you know, there is no way you can bring out who you are and support people around you if you don't take care of yourself first!

So if you need a break to breathe and listen to yourself, or you know it's time to go inside and reassess your direction, or perhaps you feel you're on the verge of a major breakthrough... Then time for yourself within the support of the group is guaranteed to shake your soul free and re-empower you to do your Service in the world.

The power of the group will allow a growth far greater than the one your individual path can bring to you in deeper and more nourishing ways than your mind can put together.

We are ALL here for you!

The Bonuses

Because I care about my students! You will also receive:

A Warm Welcome
6 MONTHS ONLINE PREPARATION with rituals and activities so you can start to set your intention and get support on how to best prepare for your journey
Access to Private Facebook Group
where we can connect pre-trip (you can ask questions and receive up-to-date trip info) and then we will stay connected post-trip – and swap photos and support on how to continue ;)
Post-Trip Group Calls
6 MONTHS ONLINE FOLLOW UP - 1call/month - just what you need to implement all your shifts into your daily life! THAT'S A BIG ONE, and a very special gift.

What’s Included

  • 17 days of deep-dive personal and group work, shamanic journeys and ceremonies + lots of nourishing moments all week!
  • Homelike and comfy accommodations all the nights
  • Home-made breakfasts + typical Calabrese lunches + nourishing dinners at the house
  • Guide for our trips
  • Tour transportation and guide for our outdoor activities
  • and so many more little and big gifts..."

What’s NOT Included

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Any extra-curricular activity you plan during your free time
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra services at the house, taxis and bellman
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Your Guide

Dr Peppino Valentino Bellusci

So many people have asked me how it is possible to work as a Medical Doctor, trained in Emergency Medicine and still practice and teach shamanism...

It has indeed been hard, I have been working as an MD since 2008. I have quit my job many times, I had many crises until I understood that Medicine is Medicine – it's simple... If something is able to transform you, release your ailment and make your life better, we are in front of a pure Medicine.

It can be a drug, a physical therapy or it can happen by talking or with a “hands-on” technique. It just needs to happen. We are nowadays living in times of abundance and we have so many possibilities available, so many cultures meeting, exchanging wisdom and light...
why make war between them when we can make the best out of each of them?

I have been studying and experimenting with different Medicines from different Cultures, Indian Medicine (Ayurveda), Homeopathy, Shamanism, Emotional work. I was initiated into a Curanderos Lineage in 2013. My Lineage has roots in the Jungle of Veracruz, Mexico.

I have been teaching shamanic wisdom for the last 8 years. I am an active researcher on the meaning of “healing” and “health”, I love to clear up mental structures about these topics and guide my students into a first-hand experience of what HEALING is.

My intention is to bring you to the core, to the deepest possible healing - to the place where you BECOME healing.

In this retreat, I will be accompanied by 3 amazing assistant teachers, and by marvellous guests who will join me to help me create a once in a lifetime experience. Will you join me?

Your Guest Teachers

Patrizia Patz

Emotional Empowerment Expert, Evolutionary Crust Blaster, Possibility Management Trainer

She calls herself an evolutionary crust blaster - because that's what she actually does. She blasts old, dead crusts from social conditioning and traumatic experiences, so that hidden potential can come to life.

As a professional trainer and coach, she has been accompanying her clients for 20 years beyond their conditioning to more possibilities and authentic aliveness. With her experience, a toolbox full of new soft skills and her unusual background as a business economist and healing practitioner, she serves as a bridge between the deep magic of life and modern culture.

Cornelius Butz

Lucky Businessman, Provider of Connecting Perspectives, Possibility Management Trainer

In his work as a financial planner, he regularly had to unveil common ground between conflicting opinions of two or more parties, explain complex correlations simply and straightforwardly and also dive deep in analysis and distinction to uncover the mistakes that obscured finer distinctions and deeper understanding. This zooming in into the deep and zooming out up high is what he does now as a Possibility Management Trainer together with you in the field of thoughts, feelings and consciousness.
He helps you install insights into daily life with a set of effective tools. Contradictory aspects of questions like - how to stay intimate in conflict or how to set clear boundaries without abandoning loving ground etc. - can co-exist in beautiful ways.

Emanuel Fernandes (Manu)

Yoga Teacher, Detox Alchemist, Earth Healer

Manu is a highly experienced and qualified therapist, bodyworker and Yoga teacher. His work is based on Love. Through his kind touch, he supports a deep heart opening into self-love and self-healing.
He has passion and respect for all living beings. An Earth-keeper with an incredible connection to nature and all its beings, he is also a musician, a plant grower, a cook and a father to two beautiful girls.

He offers personalized detox according to the constitution and actual condition of the person and loves to use touch, movement, energy, and loving intention while holding space so the healing can manifest naturally.

We are your team, at service of your transformation!