If you are a therapist, a healthcare professional or a seeker on a path of self-healing,
if you are ready to completely shift the meaning of "Illness" and "Medicine", explore the multidimensional levels of the healing forces and upgrade your care and healing skills,
then join Dr Peppino Bellusci, Integrative Medicine Pratictioner for
an advanced 15-days retreat in Italy, Calabria, from October 1st to October 15th, 2023.

Have you ever asked yourself about your body intelligence… Wondering if you can really consider a disease as a form of Wisdom?

It needs a lot of trust into your own body, into your own Self…

Illness – and Healing – are delicate topics, where your knowledge as a healer meets the logic of your mind, and where your pure intent of Healing is challenged by your Ego drive for power and control.

You want to be healthy, bring Healing, so you study, experiment, try different Medicines… and all the things you do are a sort of control above yourself, you don’t want the disease, you don’t want to listen to it… because it HURTS.

This course is about allowing this hurt to simply BE, so it can start to unfold itself and give you the knowledge on how to uplift your life.



I have a few questions for you...
Do you feel like you want to improve your PROFESSION? Maybe feeling secretly afraid that what you offer is not truly valuable?
Through applied Wisdom, real case studies and the power of group learning, I will show you how to careFULLY listen and understand your clients’ pain (and yours of course) so you can deliver powerful sessions and support meaningful shifts.

In our profession we learn to support others but... clichè: we try to do everything by ourselves... isn't it?
We like to give support, but asking it has always been quite challenging! In our time together, through learning your specific healer wound and shifting your disease consciousness, you will get to know and accept your shadows and gifts with ease so you can enjoy your unique talent in your profession... and in your intimate relationships too!

Can you feel the constant inner pain from not managing to deliver yourself FULLY... to be at service to humanity and enjoy your life at the same time?
This is BIG! In our intensive training, by raising your self-awareness, letting go of the secret victim-state and learning refined communication skills you will rise into Freedom and Lightness of being so you can start to create and enjoy the world you want to live in.


You will be guided by Dr Peppino Bellusci through all the main systems of your body, you will learn how to listen to them, with love and care. Any struggle that you feel or felt, will generate Wisdom, Change, Freedom… in one word: Healing.

This is a profound and thorough course, here the best of science will get in touch with the best of ancient Wisdom of Healers coming from all the continents of our Earth. This course creates a new space, it is where Medicine makes peace, deep shifts and true connections. This is a place where Humans become Love. And you are very welcome to join us.

You will learn how to relax into the miracle of your body in a NEW way.

It's time to dwell deep in yourself, and find Peace and Relaxation! The nature of Life will do the rest.

I totally resonate with these words, I feel a strong YES!

The Venue

Calabria, San Nicola Arcella
– in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by Trees, Rivers, Volcanos and lonely Beaches – a place of abundance created by a continuous transformation, where all the elements of nature are steadily awake.

We will be spending 14 extraordinary nights in the San Nicola Arcella hills, at the foot of one of the biggest Natural Parks of Europe, the Pollino National Park, your host will be Mother Nature herself!

The place is peaceful and quiet; a small sweet forest will immediately make you feel regenerated .

Sun, clean air, crystal water and the beauty all around will support your body to transform and let go of what is not serving your life anymore.
We will be nourish with delicious typical Calabrian food, prepared by the Artist Cali.

Cali is a painter and art therapist whose 2nd passion is cooking.

The creativity, love and carestrong> she puts in her cooking is a nourishment for the soul and body.

I DEFINITELY want to come!

The Benefits

So what do YOU expect if you spend 15 magical days in the field of HEALING WISDOM to upgrade your healing abilities on all levels ?

This deep and transformative class wants to shift the ONE thing at the very bottom of our Healing work: DISEASE CONSCIOUSNESS. All your shadows and light will melt together to give life to your new SELF - Your hidden gifts will be guided to come to surface by visible and invisible forces.

Some of the amazing things that will happen are:
  • increase your body awareness in all its dimensions (physical, emotional, mental, energetic, archetypal)
  • diagnose, work and treat within all the body's dimensions
  • work with any disease, also unknown and incurable ones
  • release deep pain and stuck energies from ALL of your systems
  • let go of dependancies and damaging behaviours
  • learn how to deal with "loaded" and "negative" people
  • dissolve the charge that surrounds all diseases
  • keep your body shining bright
  • activate all your body systems through shamanic work


    At the end of this course, you will:

    • be in deeper contact with yourself, you will be able to trust yourself more as a therapist and as a human being.
    • feel lighter as some big pain of yours will be gone and you will feel empowered because you will know that whatever new process or limitation will show up into your body/life, you will be there ready to transform it into something good for YOU.
    • nurture your ability to hold space for TRUE HEALING to happen.
    • be professional, unique and precise in your practice so you will easily ask the right and fair payment, that will make your life thrive.

    During our time together, we will DEFINITELY take care of your inner state and look at the limitations you are facing as a therapist and healer:

    Most of us don't feel accepted as we are, so you might hide some PRECIOUS parts of yourself... and I know how much it hurts to NOT SHOW UP FULLY IN YOUR LIFE! Maybe you are AFRAID TO MAKE MISTAKES ...and you are suffering because you WANT TO BE AT SERVICE more than ever, but don't fully trust you can do it.

    We will also take a close look at your VALUE!!
    You might be exhausted because YOU DON'T EARN ENOUGH from your practice and you keep asking yourself why it is so hard. On top of that, you are so occupied with others, that YOU completely FORGET ABOUT YOUR NEEDS and DESIRES.

    During our Journey, through mindfulness exercises, shamanic teachings and inner activations, you will learn how to embody your own deep loving presence that will allow you to effortlessly guide spectacular and EASY sessions for your clients (and yourself, of course!)

    Such a big breath, so much space is opening up in yourself when you let go of your limitations. YOU LIVE BETTER and you can deliver your GIFTS : to be at service of humanity and Life!!

    The Bonuses

    Because I care about my students! You will also receive:

    • 1 individual call to answer all your questions before registration
    • 1 group call 1 month before the retreat.
    • Access to Private Facebook Group, where we can connect pre-trip (you can ask questions and receive up-to-date trip info) and then we will stay connected post-trip – swap photos and keep supporting each others
    • 1 group call after the retreat to keep your vibe high and fresh.

    What’s Included

    • 15 days of deep-dive personal and group work
    • Home-made breakfasts + lunches + dinners
    • 11 shamanic activations (for each body system)
    • A course manual
    • A comprehensive medical manual
    • A refined workbookto be filled out during the course
    • A new tool to explore and transform disease and pain: The 5 Bodies Method
    • Scientific background and up to date knowledge
    • Shamanic healing techniques for diseases and organs of the body
    • A few Amazing online preparation workshops that will happen before the training starts
    • and lots of nourishing moments all week

    What’s NOT Included

    • Your round-trip airfare from home
    • Any extra-curricular activity you plan during your free time
    • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra services at the house, taxis and bellman
    • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

    Your Guide

    Dr Peppino Valentino Bellusci

    So many people have asked me how it is possible to work as a Medical Doctor, trained in Emergency Medicine and still practice and teach shamanism...

    It has indeed been hard, I have been working as an MD since 2008. I have quit my job many times, I had many crises until I understood that Medicine is Medicine – it's simple... If something is able to transform you, release your ailment and make your life better, we are in front of a pure Medicine.

    It can be a drug, a physical therapy or it can happen by talking or with a “hands-on” technique. It just needs to happen. We are nowadays living in times of abundance and we have so many possibilities available, so many cultures meeting, exchanging wisdom and light...
    Why make war between them when we can make the best out of each of them?

    I have been studying and experimenting with different Medicines from different Cultures, Indian Medicine (Ayurveda), Homeopathy, Shamanism, Emotional work. I became a teacher of the Curanderos Lineage in 2012. My Lineage has roots in the Jungle of Veracruz, Mexico.

    I have been teaching shamanic wisdom for the last 10 years. I am an active researcher on the meaning of “healing” and “health”, I love to clear up mental structures about these topics and guide my students into a first-hand experience of what HEALING is.

    My intention is to bring you to the core, to the deepest possible Healing - to the place where you BECOME Healing.

    In this course, I will be accompanied by amazing assistants that will round off your experience and your journey into your own Healing. Will you join us?

    The Team

    Flora Wirth

    The coordinator and one of the Assistant Teacher for the retreat, Human Resources Specialist and Healer

    She started her journey in the world of healing 9 years ago, learning light language, reiki, aura reading through drawing, sound healing, shamanic healing, holding now various certifications.

    As a professional human resources specialist, she has grown in the hospitality business since the age of 19, refining her sense of service and organization, and attention to details to offer the best services to guests, while caring deeply for the employees. She truly believes that wellbeing at work is a the base of healthy, successful and prosper companies. She recently started to make one of her dream come true: merging her hospitality and human resources role with her healer path.

    We are your team, at service of your transformation!

    What other clients say about Peppino

    • “Loving, Clear and Joyful. He is conscious and very aware. He is incredibly compassionate and he is enjoying himself a lot while being in Service. His presence gave me a deeper level of Self-Recognition, an invaluable gift which awakened ease and Grace in my system. I recommend working with Peppino because he is highly intuitive and very aware of your energy field. He knows where your resistances are and knows how to trigger you in a way that will empower you to Grow and Evolve. Most importantly, Peppino is open to everything that he feels and empowers his students to feel the same. I believe this is one of the most important things that he can teach you, amongst many other essential teachings that he delivers."
      Mitch H.
    • “Do you know the feeling, when words can't express what you perceive? When there is a vibration you can't name? That’s how I felt when I first read about an event by Peppino and when I first met him in person. I felt magically attracted. Now, after having worked with him, I know that he talks to my deepest, truest core. Peppino does not teach. He transmits, he connects, he reminds us and initiates us from a place of love, wisdom and truth. In his presence, I perceive the essences of life in their natural flow and being and I perceive myself as a part of this flow. Peppino offers a real encounter with the experience of the Nature of Life."
      Cornelia C.
    • “I'm truly blessed to have met Peppino, he is naturally magical, sensitive and gifted. I have learned so much from him, even in the silence, his eyes led us to a deep awareness of our inner process. He has the ability to connect us deeply to this lineage of ancestral wisdom. Working with him has personally put the ignition of joy "on": spirituality can also be fun to grasp and experience. Fasten your seatbelt, your skills will shift into another dimension, welcome to the Curanderos de Veracruz.”
      Susana C.
    • “Peppino is  attentive and patient. He knows what he is talking about. Thanks to his presence I felt seen and through his teachings I understood a lot more than before. He is willing to teach and give you everything and sees you as you are with love.”
      Marion E.
    • "Peppino is an extraordinary man and mentor, he has an aura of calm and compassionate authority and a wisdom that belies his light-handed and sometimes humorous approach to teaching.  He is a master and teacher but also a friend and confidant, in no way aloof. He shares his own thoughts, experiences, feelings and even failings with humility, in order to better make the lessons more relatable and interesting.  I feel very blessed by my time with Peppino, I learned a huge amount in a short space of time, not only about healing but about myself and am delighted with the changes I continue to see in my life. He has a wonderfully warm aura and unlike so many teachers, speaks plainly and simply in a way anyone can accept and understand, I believe he has a great gift as a healer and a teacher. "  
      Adam P.
    • “Peppino's work is deep and transformative. With so much respect, humbleness and integrity, he knows how to speak to your heart and see your truth. He guides you to the heart of your soul. His kind and caring presence holds a sacred and safe space for you to navigate through your shadows and reveal your beauty and potential. His teachings are full of truth, love and wisdom, they are eye openers. When working with him, going deep in the dark places of your soul, where it is so difficult to go, becomes easy. It is a life experience, creating miracles.
      Flora W.