5 Bodies Healing

We are more than what we see with our eyes, our words carry more than what we can listen with our ears. Everything in us speaks: our sight, how we walk, what we eat, every single cell of our body is alive consciousness.

In a 5 Bodies Healing Session you will experience a profound and intimate space, where you will be guided to discover the core issue that is creating the discomfort in your life.

A caring space is created for you to completely eradicate the discomfort from your system so that you can allow the nature of life to flow through you again.

We will take care for your

Physical body

The material temple of the soul: we are here to protect it

Emotional body

our feeling system: we give space to its expressions

Mental body

Our inner regulator and controller: we clean it and allow clarity

Energetic body

Our field of possibilities: we acknowledge and properly nourish it

Archetypical body

Our pure consciousness: we align you with it

This is what we offer to you.


Simone or Peppino

We offer a space to put your lifeforce in move again, to anchor in the stream of health strongly and lightly. In this session you will be guided to reactivate your Core Power, to unlock the treasure box in your heart and let it shine from within. We are here to Serve.

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to reach a new level of health and tap into the immense grace of the nature of life.

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Or book your IN-PERSON session here by writing us an email. We hold in-person sessions around Sintra, Portugal.