Crystal Healing

Each Gemstone and Crystal carries a certain healing energy and information and in combination with each other, they support the body to come back into alignment and support any kind of healing process.

In the Crystal Session we work with a big assortment of crystals and create a field of energy on your body shaped to your individual situation and the crystals will do their magic of clearing out, recharging and aligning the energetic body.


Simone or Peppino

With Crystals and Gemstones, you gift your soul and energetic body with a shower of high vibrational love. This is a strong cleansing and recharging session, from where you will come out beautiful, clear and still… like a crystal! Ready to SHINE FULL POWER?

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and let the crystals and gemstones nourish your energetic body with their pure energies.

We hold in-person sessions around Sintra, Portugal.
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