Are you curious to explore the mystery of Dreaming? Do you have the same dream over and over again and you finally want to know what it is all about? Are you interested in controlling your dreams and become aware while dreaming?

After there is a lot written and researched about dreams and dream analysis, still today we wonder what our dreams really want to tell us and how we can reach the information they are coming through each of our dreams.

Join us in the Dreams Class, where we explore different topics like the Lucid Dreaming, where we discover together tools to remember our dreams, to manifest things in our life we want to let become reality since a long time and how to set clear intentions before we go to sleep. We will also learn a very powerful technique to recall a dream and to dive deeper into this dream and come back with the message this dream wants to bring to us.

  • Zoe Bohlmann
    I am feeling a lot of gratitude for this class because I found even simple and profound ways how to use my dreams in order to answer questions, understand myself better and to get closer to my own truth.
    Zoe Bohlmann


Simone Gorholt

In this class, you will experience the big potential and the healing impact dreams can have on your life. With shamanic techniques of Lucid Dreaming, Dreams Recall and the Manifestation of your heart-wishes, you will collect a precious toolkit to transmute your experience of your “Nightlife”.

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