Inner Beauty

Luminous Consciousness Energetic Facelifting

What does the word “Beauty” mean? What is letting us really age? Is it only the fact of time passing or is it also the way we live, think and look at Life itself?

The Energetic Facelift is a relaxing treatment for rejuvenating the face and also the rest of the Body. This treatment works on the Outside-Appearance as well as on the subtle bodies to let your whole being glow and bring up the Beauty you already carry inside yourself.

With the support of higher frequencies such as angels and the vibration of the colors, we have the possibility to go deeper than cosmetics and creams to experience also a deeper sense of Beauty and Wellbeing.

Clients share a visible shift of the amount of light their faces were emanating already after one Session:
  • Rosanna
    Your treatments were bringing me back my original outlines. I felt light and younger, and also people around me said so. In fact something very much positive happened in my mind, that is every day getting stronger and stronger.
    Psychologist and group analyst


Simone Gorholt

How many ideas we have about what it means to be “beautiful”. Discover within your own body and soul what Beauty really means and experience an energetic facelift. In this session, I am working with colors and angelic vibrations, that will support your cells to truly shine and rejuvenate from inside out.

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to let the balmy beauty of your heart shine through your eyes and face.

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