Into the roots of Healing : 3 online Masterclasses & a 2 weeks retreat in person

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A class passed on from the shamanic lineage of The Curanderos of Vera Cruz.

The 12 chakras system is a new updated model that will support you to deal with nowadays frequencies and patterns of manifestation.

This class will allow you to:
- activate your 12 body chakras and get more fine-tuned with them
- bring clarity, have a more consistent energetic field, and feel more stable
- plug yourself in the divine masculine and feminine energies and support them to come into balance
- get more tools to play with life, understanding of new dimensions and creation of the material plan
- expand your field of awareness to reduce stress of trying to manifest

1 class x 3 hours
Wednesday May 24th, 2023
18:00-21:00 CET, on Zoom
Investment: 111 €

Evolution works in spirals, from the galaxies to the cells of our body, there are expanded spirals happening on a fractal level.

In this class, you will bring your awareness on the spiral dynamic and how this is weaving your growth and expansion as a multidimensional being. Knowing this will help you to come out from the circle of repetition of mistakes and patterns.

Through the spiral energies, you will also understand better the meaning of pain. This will help you to be more compassionate with your mistakes and your suffering. You will learn to shift refusal into compassion, and to take care of your suffering.

This embrace of your pain will become your big gift as the beginning of the biggest possible healing.

2 classes x 2 hours
Wednesday June 21st & Friday June 23rd, 2023
18:00-20:00 CET, on Zoom
Investment: 222 €

In the black hole there is the darkest matter. It is the place where the energy is the most dense.

In this class, you will learn the energy of the black hole and how this is supporting you to transform every shadow into light.
You will learn how to survive negative and loaded energies, how to work with shadows and extract them from your system to give you the power to face the darkest places within you. You will learn how to work with the deepest shadows, the biggest monsters of yours and of your clients. You will learn where the generator of all your fears, terrors and frustrations, is dwelling.

Most of the people in self transformation are trying to become "a Sun" and doing everything to try to avoid their shadows and negativity. Yet, without the energy of the black hole, life cannot exist.
By learning the energy of the black hole with its own meaning, gift, and power, you will learn how to use the energy of darkness and death to regenerate, resurrect and rebirth.

3 classes x 2 hours
Wednesday July 19th, Monday July 24th & Wednesday July 26th, 2023
18:00-20:00 CET, on Zoom
Investment: 333 €

This deep and transformative class wants to shift the ONE thing at the very bottom of our Healing work: DISEASE CONSCIOUSNESS. All your shadows and light will melt together to give life to your new SELF - Your hidden gifts will be guided to come to surface by visible and invisible forces.

Some of the amazing things that will happen are:
- increase your body awareness in all its dimensions (physical, emotional, mental, energetic, archetypal) - diagnose, work and treat within all the body's dimensions
- work with any disease, also unknown and incurable ones
- release deep pain and stuck energies from ALL of your systems
- let go of dependencies and damaging behaviours
- dissolve the charge that surrounds all diseases
- keep your body shining bright
- activate all your body systems through shamanic work

A 2-weeks retreat from October 1st to 15th, 2023, in San Nicola Arcella, Italy
Investment: 7'897 €
Previous classes are included when you sign-up