Light Language

Light Language is the the primordial language of Life, precedes the human advent on Earth and the creation of Earth itself. It is the common language spoken by all the existing things and all the living beings.

Light language speaks through colors and shapes. We all use Light Language daily, because we are made of it. Is our way of being, is how light and life emanate from us.

Light Language Course is a touch of grace in your life. The knowledge you will be exposed to is so deep that will permanently shift your perception of reality.
Life will start to play with you.

The amazing possibility you have in the course is to become conscious that you can read and write light, and communicate with light at all levels. In the class, every time you will feel a color and a shape, they will start to work with you, your energy will open to them and you will receive their teaching, wisdom and healing.

You will learn how to use colors and sacred geometry to consciously change your energetic body and your material life on this planet.

This is the initiation to the Energies of basic shapes and colors as taught by Curanderos Lineage from Veracruz.

You learn how to use shapes and colors as tools to reinforce the areas of your life that need shifts and new energy. You work in the 7 macro-areas of your life, in the 7 chakra system and there bring healing and new possibilities of action.

Duration: 8h
Here you go deeper into the colors and shapes knowledge, learning 11 new colors and 6 new shapes, rising the possibilities to work with sacred geometry.

You work with the body systems (nervous, circulatory, respiratory, etc) and their representation in sacred geometry, analyzing in which system of your body dwells the key for the needed transformation. You also play with the life stages, to find in which stage of your life (genetical, environmental, social, etc) you will need to bring new energy.

The aim of the course is to learn to speak with the universe with colors and shapes, and put in place with magic and grace the new transformation for your growth.

Duration: 2 days and half
This is Light Language Mastery Class. It’s a one-week immersion in the world of colors and shapes. The teaching and initiation cover more than 80 shapes and 144 colors.

The initiation brings a huge level of healing and transformation together with a deeper and refined consciousness on the creation of life.

This course operates in the eternal now, allows you to rewrite the book of your life in order to shift how to appear in your reality the significant themes of existence: love, life path, economy, health and more.

Duration: 7 days
Use the energy and teaching of the Torus to play with the elements that create life on earth.

With the Torus you can remove the excess or fill the lack.

A simple yet powerful class to learn how to work with 108 Toruses, to move through the dimensions, restore systems, spaces and beings integrity.

Duration: 4h


Peppino Bellusci

This class is to learn how the Universe manifests itself in the unseen and seen. Is the deepest teaching I ever met, though the simplest. I can’t say more, words are meaningless at this level. If you feel the call inside your heart, just contact me!

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