Mexican Shamans

Wise Shamans from Mexico lived with the understanding that EVERYTHING we do, even “just thinking”, creates a prayer that will bring back to us what we were praying for.

In this simple and deep workshop, you will consciously recheck how to use your energies and for what you want to invest them.

What you experience as “good luck” or “bad luck” is your prayers that return to you.

Learn how to use your daily actions and thoughts so to create more “good luck” in your daily life
and stop chaotic energies to enter your system.

Widen your understanding about the expenditure of your daily energy.

In this workshop, you will learn an easy and deep technique to

Tune your aura in creating “good luck”

Raise the awareness about your daily energy economy

Analyze the energy of names: yours, objects & places

Give empowering intentions to your actions

A special place is created to learn about Magic Cooking: How do shamans prepare food for themselves? How to set the energies of food for your spiritual nutrition? How to rise your energy at the table?


Peppino Bellusci

Well, things are incredibly simple sometimes. Just so simple that our complexity can’t figure it out. Here come the Mexican Shamans with their wisdom and playfulness. And even breathing and going to work become a supportive prayer for your Evolution.

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