Multi Level Magic

When your energy field is squared, no matter where life will push you, there will be always a conscious empowering essence waiting for you.
Life in the universe is manifested through a geometric matrix of light. Everything that exists, every animate and inanimate part of the whole is a unique and special matrix of light. Human beings have a multiple layer matrix that moves energies in all directions of one’s life. We can use an ancient knowledge to connect to this matrix and restructure it in an updated version, aligned with our higher destiny.

Join this powerful and transformative class to learn and heal the boundaries of your energy field.
When you are conscious about the boundaries of your energy field, it doesn’t really matter where life pushes or pulls you. You will always find resources and possibilities to transform your life into the better.

In this class you will

Be initiated to the Cube Sacred Geometry and the Perfect Containment Field

Create a Multi Level Magic to square your energy field and the one of your clients


Peppino Bellusci

This is a Master Class, where you will stabilize and compact your energies to be high and light. You will use the Cube magic to bring order and vitality into your life, generating a FUNDAMENTAL DECISION: keep walking straight to be the empowered and liberated version of yourself!!

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to be STABLE and INDEPENDENT in your Energy!

If you want to attend a PRIVATE class, book a 20-minute call with Peppino to talk about it and plan your schedule together.

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