Spirit Guides Meeting

A Spirit Guides team decided to join you in your life experience. They are always at your side. They come from different times, cultures and worlds to support you in getting your lessons accomplished.

In this one-hour Session, you will have the possibility to meet one or more of your Spirit Guides, to know their culture and in which area of your life they assist you.

The connection with them will become more conscious,
their presence and support in your daily life will increasingly be felt.

Their wisdom and intuition will become of easy access for you to grow in your higher destiny.


Peppino Bellusci

In this session, I share an Ancient Wisdom to access your Spirit Guides world. It’s an intimate and magical hour, where you will clearly and stably connect with your supportive guidance and permanently strengthen your intuition and psychic abilities.

Write me.

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to open and strengthen your connection with your most intimate guidance and intuition.

Book your ONLINE or PHONE session here by indicating your personal availability.

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Or book your IN-PERSON session here by writing us an email. We hold in-person sessions around Sintra, Portugal.