Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides 1

The Connection

ReConnect to the power of your intuition

Would you like to know how to filter and understand the synchronicity events that show up in your life? Have you ever felt supported or guided in your daily actions? Do you want to know what ancient cultures say about Spirit Guides?

In all the native cultures, in all the world corners, the world of the Spirits is known and discussed. Different cultures have different techniques to contact them, but everybody knows how to contact and receive precious information about life, harvest, birth, seasons, and about what’s the path to follow to continue to grow.

In our modern daily life, this tools disappeared but the possibility to contact our Guides is still here. In fact, Spirit Guides are always with us and is our duty to tune up our frequencies with them so to receive their precious messages.

The class is designed for you to play with your Spirit Guides and discover their name, culture, origin and their commitment with you to work on a special theme.

In this class you will

The sensation described by most of the people after this session is to feel your inner compass 100% on.
  • Carmela
    I was touching and exploring things graved inside myself for a long time and this time with Peppino was the occasion to let them come out. More than knowing my spirit guides, I needed this class to know better myself.
  • Sara
    To meet my spirit guides was an emotional and beautiful moment. I touched one of my traumas and I felt that it was immediately untying as soon as I connected with a specific Guide. I’m grateful.
    Coach and Family Constellator

Spirit Guides 2

The Journey

Travel in the dimension of your spirit guides

At the feet of your guides everything is love and healing, and all the questions have their answers and are dissolved in the vastness of Source.

This is an amazing and intense workshop where you can largely explore and deeply dwell into the realm of the Spirit Guides. Practical exercises and ancient teachings are the preparation to an astral journey that will bring you face to face with your Guides.

You will be carefully guided into an astral travel to cross the dimensions and reach the space where your Spirit Guides can clearly speak to you and profoundly touch your life. You will also learn how to lead other people in this intimate journey.

This class is a MUST for the people they are on a search to experience what does it mean to be finally at HOME.


Peppino Bellusci

Is such a blessing to be in continuous connection with the dimension of your Spirit Guides. This class brings you into Instant Alignment! So much inner peace and silence in the mind, and more: an uninterrupted awareness of being loved and supported.

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