If you are a healer, leader or seeker who's ready to explore the wild nature within,
spark your passion for life AND express your full potential
then join Peppino & Simone, shamanic healers, conscious parents and relationship coaches
for a new sacred retreat on Mount Etna, Sicily
September 22-30, 2018!

The sun is setting behind the magnificent volcano mountain, the air is warm and peaceful. You are ready to sit at the fireplace, in silence, surrounded by tall old birch trees that create a magical surrounding for an intimate evening circle.

Looking at the fire, you recognize the precious field of consciousness around you. People coming from varied places, reunited with you to set their lives on fire. You feel the power in the air, so much humbleness and sacredness all around. You can hear your heart blossoming with joy.

The Etna is a magical energetic centre, full of magnetism, force, myth, and Life. While you look at it from your comfortable cottage, each breath you take is filled with passion, each moment is blessed, and you are there... simple and strong as you are!



Is there a constant heaviness and conflicting inner emotional war preventing you from igniting your soul on fire?
The fire on the mountain will work stuck emotions and anxiety out of your system. You will instantly FEEL much more clarity and peace into your heart!

Isn't it time to share with the world your unique gifts?
We know this is a deep longing. So everything in this retreat is dedicated to the rising of an authentic expression of your precious and authentic Presence.

And what about rage and aggressivity, that often hook you in dramas or violent situations (physical, mental or emotional)?
A Remarkable Shift! Remove mental and emotional hooks to liberate yourself from the perfect role of victim (or aggressor!). To be carried by your inner peace!


Because inside yourself... wouldn't you be glad to create a nourishing love relationship with your partner (or finally find a good one!)?
Yes, it can happen, and its time... to clear stuck emotions, to liberate yourself from victim roles and toxic people, to attract relationships of respect, love and intimacy.

And simply put, this retreat is the PERFECT ENVIRONMENT to start asking for what you want, expressing yourself clearly and supporting others while maintaining healthy boundaries.

The world needs you authentic and enjoying with passion a LIFE ON FIRE!

It's time for conscious men and women to come together humbly and powerfully,
to actively create a new way of being together, to experience TRUST, INTIMACY and LOVE.

Between all the judging voices of my mind, I can hear a strong YES

The Venue

Sicily, Mount Etna – in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the biggest volcano of Europe – evokes images of mystical forests and fertile earth, a place of abundance created by a constant transformation, where all the elements of nature are constantly awake.

We will be spending 10 extraordinary nights in the Ragabo Forest, deep in the Etna Protected Natural Park, a magical place with active magnetism and strong energetic forces that can naturally awaken your inner strength.
We will be hosted at the Etna Chalet eating local delicious food, trekking, making fire and enjoying the majesty of the volcano from a safe and comfortable place.

The wooden chalet, completely immersed in the forest, will make you feel blessed in this life.

From the chalet, you will have direct access to the forest and to the Etna National Park so you will wholly bath in the majesty of the volcano area. Silence, clean air and the strong magnetic forces of the area will support your body to transform and let go what is not serving your life.

Ah... and don't worry, we are out of the danger zone. We want to be wild and happily safe!!

I want to come!

The Food

Well, you don't need us to tell you...
Sicily is the place where Italian food shows up in all its MAGIC!

Where the mediterranean sea marries the shining sun to bring to life amazing products, where the attention and care in the kitchen reach a level of mastery in each house.
Here, eating well is one of the highest values of life!

We will eat only local food, cooked slowly and following the Sicilian tradition. If you don't eat this or that – no problem – we are happy to accommodate any of your food preferences. A rich vegetarian menu will satisfy your taste and the variety of delicious plates will raise the quality of our days exponentially!

And the desserts? Oh dear... don't worry, we have planned a lot of walking in nature to burn off one meal and make space for the next.

Our Journey

From the moment of your arrival, Sicilian hospitality will hug you and allow your soul to relax from your daily life.

Silence, Pure Air, Good Food, a warm Fire Ceremony... will be your “Welcome” into a sacred space, created for you to touch your inner peace and for your soul to expand and show up in all its beauty.

You will have separate men and women space. The men will meet their brothers, the woman will find their sisters. This will be your starting point, your trampoline for the life you want to live.

A day of Fire! Touching, honoring and playing with your inner fire.

This day we will start diving in the Fire Energy: Rage, aggressiveness and power games will be our HOT topics.

How to use Rage consciously and liberate yourself from loops of aggressiveness (as victim or aggressor) will be our intention.

A day of Stars, where the magic of the night will enlighten our daily practices.

Coming back to your center, liberate yourself from dramas and other peoples' behaviors. This is a priceless day, a day of FREEDOM.

You will say goodbye to your Mom and Dad patterns as the unsupportive side of the relationship with your parents will be enlightened and transformed.

To look at your parents with more OPENNESS, and at your life with more FREEDOM.

Time for Sisterhood and Brotherhood – don't you want better relationship between friends of the same sex? Empowering and supportive relationships are the intention of today.

You know that alone you go fast, but together you go far!

You will release tensions and competitions to give space to true friendship and teamwork. In this private space (men with men and women with women), we will open a space to share about SEX and how to live a beautiful and easy sexual life.

A day of introspection, only you and the Volcano.

Precious time for yourself, sacred silence, astonishing nature...

A blessed day to come back to your inner core, where there's no confusion, no doubts, where freedom and clarity reside, where love governs.

Day of Union. We will come back together, man and women, to build new relationships, more conscious, more lovely.

A visit inside the earth of the mountain, in an old volcanic tunnel, will help you generate roots into yourself.

You will bring light to your flirting energy and how to use it wisely, for the highest good. To stop leaking your energy or giving away your power and begin to stay in your center and walk around as the Queen or King of your kingdom.

Sicily has majestic places and today we will visit the Oasi Faunistica di VENDICARI, bathing in solitary beaches and crystalline water which will make you feel how much you deserve the best from this life.

You start to say to life: “I'm ready, give me the best!”

After being refreshed by the sea, we will touch and be touched by the european capital of the baroque – NOTO. This small and precious jewel, a Unesco heritage, will remind you how much this life is precious - as are you!

Time to prepare for the journey back, to remember that you are not alone and that from now on a committed group of amazing beings will be at your side, helping you to bring to your life all the changes you experienced in this retreat.

We will cook together, learn delicious Sicilian recipes to bring back home while celebrating the return of our sacred inner fire!

So much gratitude and happiness will make this day a milestone for your next years to come.

Looking back, it will feel like years, because you've been changing at light speed. You will refine your energies and stabilize all the new information and shifts that already happened in the last days.

The new you, is easily and confidently ready to come back home.

This is just AMAZING!

The Benefits

So what do YOU expect if you spend 9 magical nights (and 10 days) accessing your inner fire and enjoying yourself on a magnetic volcanic mountain in Sicily?

Your inner force, your dreams and a lot of support will show up on the Etna – as will clarity, inner peace and new relationships.

Not to mention aha-moments and BIG revelations that will change your future once for all.

This is a LIFE CHANGING retreat.

Don't miss it! With the support of the Volcano's energies, you will:

  • Reconnect with your deepest soul wishes and create a life based on your intuition and guidance.
  • Identify and work out stuck emotions and anxiety that are keeping you from creating the life and relationships of your deepest heart desires.
  • Liberate yourself from aggressive attitudes (as a victim or persecutor) so to experience nourishing and relaxed relationships.
  • Open up into your Presence, where Calmness, Ease, Decisiveness, and Passion for life will bring your full potential to service of this planet.
  • Nurture your ability to state what you want so to be HEARD BY THE WORLD and experience a rich and fulfilled life.

And If you have been working a lot or always busy with others' needs and your body, mind and soul are run down... then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for to take nourishing time for yourself and sink deep into your inner guidance.

And you know, there is no way you can bring out who you are and support people around you if you don't take care of yourself first!

So if you just need a break to breathe and listen to yourself, or you know it's time to go inside and reassess your direction, or perhaps you feel you're on the verge of a major breakthrough... Then time for yourself within the support of the group is guaranteed to shake your soul free and re-empower you to do your good work in the world.

The power of the group will allow a growth far greater than the one your individual path can bring to you in deeper and more nourishing ways than your mind can put together.

Dare to say YES to come and experience it!

The Bonuses

Because we care a lot! You will also receive:

Welcome call
45 minutes of 1:1 time with Peppino or Simone so you can start to set your intention and get support on how to best prepare for your journey
Access to Private Facebook Group
where we can connect pre-trip (you can ask questions and receive up-to-date trip info) and then we will stay connected post-trip – and swap photos and support on how to continue ;)
Pre-Trip Group Call
you will have the opportunity to meet your team and start to share your purpose + activate the group-matrix, that will make the weeks before the retreat much more smooth and flowing.
Post-Trip Group Call
just what you need to implement all your shifts into your daily life!

What’s Included

  • 9 days of deep-dive personal and group work, shamanic journeys and ceremonies + lots of nourishing moments all week!
  • Homely accommodations at Chalet Clan dei Ragazzi double occupancy for 8 nights
  • 8 delicious home-made breakfasts + 9 super-tasty Sicilian lunches + 8 nourishing dinners at the Chalet
  • Guide for our trips to the Etna
  • Tour transportation and guide for our amazing trip to VENDICARI and NOTO

What’s NOT Included

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Any extra activity you would plan in your free time
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra services at the Chalet, taxis, laundry and bellman
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Peppino, Simone, I want to go to Sicily!

Your Guides

Dr Peppino Valentino Bellusci

I graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 2007 and continued my studies in General Medicine and Emergency Medicine. I loved Medicine, but something inside me was not feeling complete...

So I implemented my medical knowledge studying Ayurveda Medicine and Homeopathy. Then I was travelling to India to practice yoga and meditation - and in South America, where I had the first encounter with the ancient shamanism of the Amazon Forest.
I was searching for the meaning of the word “healing”, I went through many crises, stopped to work, start again...: “Is our Medicine good? Is alternative medicine the right choice?”

I decided to walk the path of integration, making space inside myself to contradictions and using them to bring something bigger than the sum of the two.

The wish of overcoming divisions between Healing and Medicine rooted in me the best of all the Medicines I studied and experienced! I offer you the easiest and simplest medicine I found – RECONNECT WITH YOUR NATURAL LIFE FORCE – all the rest will just fall into place, effortlessly and magically.

Today, I do my best to blend Modern Medicine with Ancient Shamanic Wisdom to assist others in reaching their natural healthy state.

Won't you join me in this transformative healing adventure?

Simone Gorholt

Throughout my Self-Discovery path, I started to study several healing techniques with which I also started to support the people around me. It started learning Deeksha, a Healing Technique from India, then I was initiated to Reiki.

In 2014 I met the gifts of the Curanderos Lineage from Veracruz – Mexico, and the more I studied their techniques and wisdom, the more I clearly saw that I wanted to go deeper and share with others what I learned for myself.

My heart was expanding through these experiences and I learned, that it is a deep desire of me to look for truth and light inside and outside of me and let this thrive and expand.

I'm offering my guidance directly from heart to heart.

I like to choose a unique path for each of my clients, using my inner guidance, compassion and deep listening. I create a deep and sacred space in which issues and patterns can come up, show themselves and be released in a non-judgmental way.

Won't you come with me on this heart expanding journey?

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