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Healing Wisdom is a deep and transformative space, where you will upgrade your healing abilities on all levels! It requires courage and trust.

I want to know you and I want you to see me – We need to speak about it!

So please, if you are serious about it, take the time to schedule a call with me.

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Course Modalities

Together we will explore the 11 body systems on an all-encompassing journey, ranging from the medical aspects to the emotional, psychological and finally energetic and spiritual aspects of health and disease for each of the 11 systems!

On this journey, you will have at your disposal multiple tools and resources to study and explore. You will work on all leveles: physical, emotional, mental and energetic.
You will get exercises, inquiries, meditations and yoga lessons all specifically designed for you to explore the meaning of Health and Healing at 360 degrees.

To round off the experience, we will also give you inspiring bites of science, presenting to you the latest scientific discoveries that back up integrative medicine.
Once a month (for each body system), we will meet on Zoom to share and to receive Peppino's teachings live.

Additionally, all course participants and teachers will have access to a private Facebook group for ongoing sharing and support.

Course Details

  • Where: online
  • When: starting in May 2022
  • Registration until: April 2022
  • Duration: 1 year (excluding August)
  • Live zoom sessions and activations
  • Private Facebook community for course participants
  • Online access to course material


    Your investment for the course is 5,500 euros.

What’s Included

  • 1 Year of deep-dive online course
  • 13 LIVE collective calls (1 per body system + 2 extra calls)
  • Ongoing exercises for self-exploration
  • 11 LIVE shamanic activations (1 per body system)
  • A course manual from the lineage
  • A comprehensive medical manual
  • A refined workbook/diary to be filled out during the course
  • A new tool to explore and treat human wounds: The 5 Bodies Method

The Bonuses

I am taking care of all the details to support the blossoming of your Healing Forces.

A SPECIAL set of lessons, designed ad hoc to support you while exploring the different dimensions of our body systems
A FULL series of meditations to help you ground into your body and release tensions more easily
Private Facebook Group
Coming together as a group is a powerful way to accelerate our healing!
Here you can share and find ongoing support from Peppino and the whole Team.
Science pills
Inspiring video lessons about fascinating latest scientific discoveries that back up millenia of ancient Healing Wisdom
Individual coaching sessions with Peppino
A very special GIFT, 2 private 1 to 1 calls to overcome your most delicate moments.

Peppino, I REALLY want to participate!


Still have questions?
Read the interview with Peppino responding to frequently asked questions about the course!