Peppino Valentino Bellusci

Peppino Valentino Bellusci, MD

Awakened Doctor

Peppino Valentino is a gifted Awakened doctor, carefully and authentically blending Modern Medicine with Ancient Shamanic Wisdom to assist others in reaching their Natural healthy state.

He decided to walk the path of integration, making space inside himself for contradictions and using them to bring something bigger than the sum of the two. The experience of overcoming divisions between Healing and Medicine resulted in a deep and anchored clarity that allows him to support others in their path of empowerment rapidly and peacefully.

"Time has come for Doctors and Healers to open their minds to all solutions. When a man of science is also a shaman, when a shaman is also a scientist, there the Awakened Doctor comes to life."

Path of Empowerment

"I look at issues, diseases and limitations as messages from the body, mind, heart and spirit.
I listen to them because there's something there that wants to show me something.

Our system is intelligent, sends messages all the time to keep himself healthy and gorgeous, but usually, we tend to ignore this signals until the body is screaming in pain.

I use the messages of the discomfort to guide you in the needed changes, the natural change that wants to happen inside yourself that will lead you to a more empowered you,
that will let you grow, expand and evolve every day more and more."

The Energetic Body Awareness

Peppino Valentino blends Modern Medicine and Shamanism.
He attentively found his way of combining Matter and Energy, developing his unique "medical examination" where body, mind, emotions, spirit and archetypes are taken into consideration as a whole.

Peppino Valentino has a fine ability to listen to the subtle communication of the human organism. His sensitivity reaches the core. He works with his touch on the person's body and energetic field using ancient wisdom coming from shamans of different parts of the world.

One session with him is an inspiring multi-dimensional journey into human technology, mysticism and magic.

Background and Life Experiences

Peppino Valentino graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 2007,
continued his studies in General Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

He implemented his medical knowledge studying Ayurveda Medicine and Homeopathy.
He was traveling in India where practiced yoga and meditation, and in South America, where was meeting the ancient shamans of the Amazon Forest.

In the past year he was blessed to meet Masters Shamans Starr Fuentes and Homaya Amar, that with their wisdom and light shared with him their profound knowledge.

He has completed intensive studies in the following holistic fields: Light Language, Divine Intervention Healing Technique, Spirit Guides, Stones and Crystal Healing, Emotional Work.

His own personal ongoing studies include Metaphysic, Quantum Theory, Modern Physics, Communication with plants and animals, Mayan culture, Classical Philosophy, Sacred Geometry, Astronomy, Vipassana Meditation, Advaita Vedanta, Hata Yoga, Healing Music.

Peppino is offering a rich set of tools and techniques coming from modern and ancient medicines.


Deep healing of body and soul.

Divine Intervention

Curanderos healing support for chronic diseases and cancer.

Soul Path Allignment

To walk the path of your High Destiny.

Book a private Session with Peppino and he will support you to choose the best approach to reach easily and quickly your new healthy state.

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