Simone Gorholt

Simone Gorholt

Intuitive Healer

Simone Gorholt is an Intuitive Healer and with the support of her inner guidance, compassion and listening, she is choosing a unique path for her client, creating a deep and sacred space in which issues and patterns can come up, show themselves and be released in a non-judgmental way.

“Since 2012 I am experiencing an ongoing path of transformation and growth inside myself, there was a moment during an initiation process called “the heroes journey”,
where I realized that there is so much more than I could see and so much more than what I was believing in at that point.

I started to study myself, who I really am and how I became who I am. I went through deep introspection followed by a big change on all levels, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

"In the moment
when we realize
that life loves us,
we can finally
also be there
for life."

A Path of Heart

Throughout my Self-Discovery, I started to study several healing techniques they were supporting my process and step by step I was collecting a precious toolbox of things, with which I also started to support the people around me. It started learning Deeksha, a Healing Technique from India, then I was initiated to Reiki.
In 2014 I met the Gifts of the Curanderos Lineage from Veracruz – Mexico, and the more I studied their techniques and wisdom, the more I clearly saw that I wanted to go deeper and
share with others what I learned for myself.

My heart was expanding through these experiences and I learned, that it is a deep desire of me to look for truth and light inside and outside of me and let this thrive and expand.

I'm offering my guidance directly from heart to heart.

Working with Consciousness

Accompanied by the energetic work I am also working with Possibility Management, which is a context holding Initiation-Processes towards responsible adulthood and the power of conscious feelings, which holds the capacity to heal the past and step for what one really wants in life.

I am holding deep trust in myself and a strong prayer for global wellbeing and peace..

Humanity is heading towards a golden age and I feel that Everyone who really steps for a profound path of healing and takes the decision to honestly take care of his own happiness is supporting the whole planet to evolve towards a brighter future.

I believe that each one of us together with all plants and animals is representing the whole.
As above, so below and what we feel and live inside, will be represented in the world outside.

Nurturing Conscious Motherhood

Beyond this path of Healing and Transformation, I am a full-hearted mother.

My child is teaching me so much with just being and I see how precious it is to receive this gift of parenting and especially having the capacity of seeing it.
I am grateful to hold space for this new and fresh life and being there for him as he will also be another seed for a more colourful future.

Simone is offering a variety of Healing Sessions coming from the Curanderos-Lineage:

Soul Path Alignment

To walk the path of your High Destiny.

Deep Heart and Wide Heart

Divine Intervention

Curanderos healing support for chronic diseases and cancer.

Besides this list of techniques, you can also book a private Healing Session with Simone where she will intuitively choose in alignment with you the appropriate healing to make the next step in your health.

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