OnlineClass – Lucid Dreaming & Manifesting Your Heart-Visions

OnlineClass – Lucid Dreaming & Manifesting Your Heart-Visions

The Night might bring us the answers to questions we didn’t even figure out how to ask… “

Once you start to enter the unknown territory of the Dreams with the guidance of the Mexican Shamans, the night becomes more conscious and bright.

In your dream world you have the possibility to live beyond your limited mind. All the judgement, all the habits and who you think you are, go on Stand-By and this gives to your Soul the space to express herself freely.

Dreams have been a long-studied phenomena and our culture gave us many tools to analyze the dreams as a tool
of understanding the unknown faces of our personality.
The Mexican Shamans wisdom is offering a NEW aspect, that is the mystical ability to USE the dreams to shift and transform your reality,
that manifests in front of your eyes.

When you go deeper and studying and experiencing this aspect in a deeper way,
you can create a brighter and more joyful future for yourself and the world.

This class is supporting you to learn very efficient and amazingly simple tools to be able to create what you really wish to experience in your life.
Another big chapter in our Online-Class is the realm of Lucid Dreaming.
You will be introduced into the Dimension of Lucid Dreaming , getting exercises and practical advises in your hands how to become aware in your dreams while dreaming.
The more you are aware of what is going on in your dreams and the more you can actively and consciously interact with your dreams,
the more the power of manifestation will enter you awaken life.

This course is an E-Learning Class, where you can choose your own timing and rhythm. After booking it you will receive:


  • the unlimited access to the Video teachings and Meditations.
  • An interactive Workbook,

  • the Entrance-Link to our exclusive Facebook-Group

In the group you can share your experiences and insights and where you will get direct answers and support from our Dream Team to your open questions.

Are you ready to lighten up your Dreamworld?


Then welcome to the adventure!




Simone Gorholt
Simone Gorholt
As a healer, Simone is creating a deep and sacred space for her client to unfold, where patterns can come up, show themselves and be released in a non-judgmental way...