A chat with your host, Peppino Bellusci, MD

How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become an Integrative Medicine Doctor?

So many people have asked me how it is possible to work as a Medical Doctor, trained in Emergency Medicine, and still practice and teach Shamanism...

It has indeed been hard, I have been working as an MD since 2008. I have quit my job many times, I had many crises, until I understood that Medicine is Medicine – it's simple... If something is able to transform you, release your ailment and make your life better, we are in front of pure Medicine.

It can be a drug, a physical therapy or it can happen with a talk or with a “hands-on” technique. It just needs to happen. We are nowadays living in times of abundance and we have so many possibilities available, so many cultures meeting, exchanging wisdom and light...

Why make war between them when we can make the best out of each of them?

I have been studying and experimenting with different Medicines from different Cultures, Indian Medicine (Ayurveda), Homeopathy, Shamanism, Emotional work. I was initiated into a Curanderos Lineage in 2013. My Lineage has roots in the Jungle of Veracruz, Mexico.

Would you join me?

Who are your clients?

I work with healers and doctors that are successful in most areas of their life. They are passionate and committed, with a huge heart, and a lot to give… people that have a burning flame inside their soul that loves to support others in the process of Healing. They want to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

They have difficulties in standing for the “normal”...and cannot accept the desolating status quo of our medical system: suppressing symptoms as much as possible while desperately trying to kill a disease without acknowledging its natural presence. They’re looking for “The Medicine” - the real shift in somebody's structure that can bring a true shift and healing of a disease.

They might have worked on themselves A LOT or feel they’ve tried everything to make their healing work, they were probably even getting some results but are still not feeling truly satisfied and aligned with themselves.

In fact, they come to me constantly, absolutely ready to finally HEAL and help others to do so - but have this constant feeling that something is missing.

In the past, I have worked with healers and doctors who:

  • Have recently quit their job
  • Haven’t been successfully giving healing
  • Are worried that time is running out for them to settle their profession
  • Secretly believe that they are not good enough
  • Have started to think they may be sabotaging themselves & maybe they’re ‘unfixable’ in some way
  • Have experienced (on themselves or on others) the pain of suppressing a disease
  • Wanted to expand their medical skills or their healing abilities
  • Were searching for emotional and spiritual skills

  • I have also worked with:

  • Clients with diagnoses of “incurable” disease and “death” sentence
  • People who wanted to go deeper in the understanding of their condition
  • Clients that wanted to see REAL improvement of their conditions
  • What makes you different from other “Healing Coaches” ?

    I want you to experience THE Healing, THE Transformation, THE real Change – that you know is possible because it is so vivid in your heart.

    I'm an integrative medicine doctor, and I work with all levels of being. I care for your body, listen to your emotions, help clear your mind and tune up your soul – and I can teach you to do the same with your clients.

    I have been teaching shamanic Wisdom for the last 10 years. I am an active researcher on the meaning of “Healing” and “Health”, I love to clear up mental structures about these topics and guide my students into a first-hand experience of what HEALING is.

    My intention is to bring you to the core, to the deepest possible Healing - to the place where you BECOME Healing.

    I'm kind and supportive, but also strongly committed to Truth, so I'll help you come out from any confusion, energy-leaking and disempowering behaviors.

    I'll help you heal your heart and soul and help you get out from that silent dissatisfaction that lays deep into your being, so you can bring your true life force FULLY into this life to increase your vitality, help other people and fulfill your desire to serve the strongest healing forces.

    I know it's possible, and you know it too!

    What type of personality do you work best for and what is expected from me?

    I have personally re-designed the Healing Wisdom program for people who are daring and completely committed to breaking through old paradigms, experience sincere contact with themselves and others and build true Love on this planet.

    If you ever feel “I know Genuine Healing is possible, I should be changing now and stop waiting for I don’t know what !!”, this is for you. Healing Wisdom was modeled for you to make consequent steps in a few months, which will eventually open up in you more confidence, trust, knowledge, vitality and finally getting a deep and holistic understanding of the healing forces so you can experience the transformation you wish to experience and have the base to deal with any client and any condition.

    I work best with clients who have had enough of feeling stuck and constricted, are ready to step into their healing power and want to know exactly which are the steps to take to get there!

    My clients often tell me - “It seems you can see something I don’t see. Just tell me, I’m ready to work it out!”

    You will be expected to truthfully go deeper into yourself and make conscious choices. You will get holistic support and clear scientific wisdom while you achieve your deep wish: connect with your inner power and shine out who you really are, serve the world and feel fulfilled!

    ...and who knows what follows!

    Will this work for me?

    I know it from personal experience…

    Healing is always behind the door.

    You had enough of not being satisfied with your life and of always feeling that you need to do something more before you can relax in your life and profession.

    You want to live with an open heart and to keep this openness in your relationships.

    You want to give with Love and receive with Love.

    You want to feel light and not be charged with the problem of anyone, but still be able to assist them in their processes.

    You are ready to make a huge shift and you understand that the only way to do it is to go deeper into yourself and to let go of old ideas that don’t serve your life anymore.

    You’ve realized that your thoughts and emotions have a big role in the creation of your actual circumstances.

    You want to know the secret to create a powerful Healing so you can overcome every issue that life brings to the surface, transforming every disease into a gift. You want to get to a place where everything that happens inside is transformed into Love.

    For what kind of people is your program not going to work?

    Let’s look together at some attitudes that won’t allow the process to bring results:


    .. You are looking for a “woo-woo” method that will materialize a miracle in front of your door without moving a finger.
    Sweetheart - if it was that easy, there wouldn’t be such a world issue around true Healing. I’ve spent over a decade and thousands of euros to refine myself and my techniques that I now teach in my program. With effective mentoring you can realize your dream in a miraculous time, but you have to do the work.

    ... You are lazy and you want to know the secret formula on how to do it right. I can’t work harder than you. You will need to step up, do the work and encounter your limitations fast - I’ll be there to help you transform your weakness into gold.

    ..You have a hard time admitting that you don’t know. When it is time to surrender into the greatness of life, your fast mind is interested in being right instead of being curious about which magic life has prepared for you.

    .. You want to heal just to show up and inflate your ego. This will never bring you any feeling of Purpose or satisfaction.

    I’m doubting that a Doctor could help me as a Healer, don’t you think that Western Medicine is galaxies far from accepting different Healing modalities?

    Actually, not at all!

    Think about the implications of having a doctor at your side:

    I know Western Medicine from the inside, I can teach you its gifts and its limitations.

    I have studied Medicine Wisdoms coming from all over the planet and spent years blending them together. I can support you in finding the golden string that connects them all, the genuine Healing Force.

    I know a lot about the body and its functions, so I can help you stay grounded and honest while exploring new healing methods.

    I can support you in understanding the Life force and how it creates disease, healing and health. No more trying to get information from books and responding to your clients (or your own body) from a reactive mental knowledge that doesn’t have anything to do with the NOW.

    I am a Medical Doctor, I have studied Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Yoga, I practice Vipassana Meditation, I am a Mindfulness trainer, plus I have been myself doing conscious work for YEARS and I’m here to support you in diving into the underworld of the disease dimension to come out with A NEW MEDICINE for A NEW EARTH.

    What if I have no money?

    The Healing Wisdom program is NOT for those who have no money income and are financially struggling, at least not now.

    I found out that people in financial struggle spend a lot of time, energy and thoughts in trying to overcome this status. So they don’t have so much left to invest in my program.

    And you know, if you don’t have money at the moment, it’s OK. Financial crises are coming and passing too. I suggest you:

    1) Get some money coming in and then call me. This will make it easier for your mind and emotions to focus on your Healing Wisdom program.

    2) Stay in connection with me through the FB group.

    3) Do something to keep your mind and emotions clean! Meditate, walk in nature, breathe fresh air!

    These 3 suggestions will really support you in the struggling moment while preparing you for our work. When you are ready, just contact me and I will be there with the next adventure!

    Can I see some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

    YES, please check the testimonials at the very bottom of the HEALING WISDOM page. My clients will be happy to support you in case you want to have a quick private chat with them.

    What results can I expect?

    You will…

    Create a deep connection with your body as a whole, and learn how to read the signs of all its single systems.

    Liberate yourself from any mental or emotional hook that is holding you in a state of victimhood or scarcity, so as to get a vibrant energy field, aligned with who you really are!

    Heal the deepest wounds that unconsciously are stuck into your body.

    Get back your center from authority figures (parents, colleagues, doctors, etc.)

    Get rid of dependencies and toxic behaviors.

    Get to know yourself better and to value yourself for who you truly are.

    Clear the judgments that keep you powerless and in boring circumstances.

    Open your heart to True Love and live wholeheartedly.

    Feel yourself and your Love for this life, independently from all the limitations of the people around you.

    Get tools to make your past mistakes very clear and avoid repeating them.

    Take Responsibility - and the Power - to create a different story, the one that lives deep in your heart.

    Get tools and guidance on how to navigate your feelings.

    Learn life-saving techniques that will make the next encounter with a disease a good opportunity to expand your joyful life.

    Get all your energies set up to attract into your life your best destiny.

    How quickly can I expect results?

    That is related to your capacity to make those inner transformations. Some clients have their changes waiting behind the door, while others have some more work to do first.

    It also depends on how much you worked on these topics before, whether you already learned something about healing and you are acquainted with doing conscious work on yourself.

    Just take your steps, respect your timing. If you let go of results they might easily and surprisingly come while you walk your path.

    Peppino, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to learn from. What are my options for getting started with you?

    WOW - Congratulations on this brave decision! I’m happy and honored to work with you to activate your HEALING WISDOM. .

    Please book a call with me so we can meet in person and assess whether we are a good match to work together. You can schedule the call HERE.

    If I’m not sure that I’m ready to get started, how can I sample your work at low cost to see if it’s the right solution for me?

    OK! Check out my Facebook page: BEYOND THE IMPOSSIBLE and join the FB group, there you will find videos, mini-courses and always something to reflect upon.

    Schedule a call to meet me!