SEXUAL GEOMETRY, MARCH 1st, 9 pm (Rome Time)

Have you ever asked yourself why you find something or someone attractive?
Why do you need to turn to look at someone passing by?
or feel sexually pulled to a stranger when you are happily in love with your partner?

We usually don't ask ourselves this kind of questions,
we use affirmations as: "this is my taste" or "I just like her" or "she/he is so gorgeous".
Well, 2 of the basic shapes used in sacred geometry can reveal us some interesting patterns in the law of attraction.

In this 1h free webinar, I'll share how the cube and the sphere influence our intimate relationships and sexual life at many levels.

You will learn a simple and effective technique to integrate your opposite sexual polarity
(the masculine if you are a woman, and the feminine if you are a man)* into your life,
so to stop fighting with your partner and start enjoying the encounter of this 2 primitive forces.

Join me, to bring deeper understanding into the law of attraction and experience more freedom into the sexual encounter


*to bring clarity, the terms men and women are here used to simplify the concept. Please consider that in a homosexual relationship, the polarity is still present, one partner represents the masculine force and the other the feminine.

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