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Healing Wisdom

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Take a deep breath and enjoy the Journey!

Hello Dear Student,

We are Peppino and the Healing Wisdom team at YOUR service.

And we welcome YOU to your study Platform!

In this caring space, we will provide, step by step, all materials to support you on this Journey on all levels: mental, emotional and energetic.

We are here for YOU, with Truth, Care and a strong intention to bring you in the purest and deepest Energies of Healing.

How does it work?

On this platform you will find for each course chapter and body system the following materials:

  • Your workbook
  • A Yoga teaching
  • A mindfulness exercize
  • A "Science Pills" Video
  • Any additional material

Please note that contents will be released on an ongoing basis, as we proceed with the course.

If you have any questions please contact us at healingwisdomoffice@gmail.com

Course Structure

The course will follow 4 weeks- long cycles. Meaning that in total you will have 4 weeks for completing each chapter and each of the 10 body system.

(Attention: the Introduction chapter and the Closing chapter are only 3 weeks long!)

  • Monday (Week 1):
  • The chapter's contents are released. You can start working on the materials right away and at your own pace. Rememeber to hand in your Case study the latest 3 days before our live call!

  • Thursday (Week 3):
  • We have our Live call on Zoom and will, among other things, discuss some selected Case studies.

  • Thursday (Week 4):
  • You receive a Live Shamanic Activation for the specific body system and then have the weekend to integrate.

  • The following Monday
  • a new chapter opens..

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