Conscious Feelings through Pregnancy & Birth

"And the more I am breathing deep down into the root of myself, the more I am discovering, that All the feelings are present when I feel the Birth coming near..."
First Answer before all ...

The Key is to ALLOW the feelings ...

There is no circumstance in life bringing up so many intense feelings they all want to be seen and experienced .. And in the same time, it is so needed in our culture to create a space, where these feelings can come up and be lived ...

„It´s just the hormones“
is a very common sentence spoken out when women express their rollercoaster of emotions ... In fact, Yes .. AND .. Pregnancy is a state, where a woman´s body, soul and mind is totally transforming, holding space for a completely new human being inside her being, life is in radical Transition and Change, two souls inside one Body. It is an experience, impossible to describe with words, even if I am right now at the end of my second pregnancy, I cannot grasp with my mind, what it is really about.

I just have my feelings, they go Up and Down, shake my heart every day and somewhere in between the Fear-Consciousness,
that women plan before the birth of their babies to get a cesarean section or an epidural because they think, they cannot deal with the sensations coming up ...
Between this and the NewAge Wave, that Birth has to be only joy and orgasmic and pure happiness
I am balancing myself with my round belly ...

I see, that there is still a lot of judgment about „good“ feelings and „bad“ feelings.

And the more I am breathing deep down into the root of myself, the more I am discovering, that All the feelings are present, when I feel the Birth coming near ...

There is Joy ...

Oh, yes. So much Joy and Bliss to sense this little great creature under my heart growing and moving and already so alive.
It is a big honour to carry this baby inside of me,
I already love her without ever meeting on a visible level and I am looking forward, with all my being, to kiss her little feet and welcome her on this planet ...

It is simply great and amazing to be and become Mother.

And There is also Fear ...

Fear, because I don´t know how it will be to give birth at home.
Fear, because it will be my second child and how will it be with two children.
Fear, because Yes, it was painful during the last labor and...

Will I feel safe enough to surrender to this pain?

And I am grateful for having this fear.

As long as the fear doesn't have me, I can work with it to be conscious, attentive and alert.
Fear shows me, that I am reaching the limit of my comfort zone.
It shows me, that there is new territory to explore.

And I need this fear to discover, to see what I need to let the magic of birth happen.

I also need anger ...

The moment in which the pregnancy is reaching her „expiry date“

and physically and emotionally and mentally I sense that

it is „enough“,
I am feeling a level of anger …

And during the birth, I also reached moments with Saphir, my first child,
where I really said out loud „it is enough now. OUT!“
It is not aggression coming with hate and aversion ...

It is anger, an inner fire Moving things forward, letting life run.

Standing up for the things I want in my life and especially during giving birth.
Speak Up, Say out loud what you need. It is the moment where no-ones Wellbeing is more important than yours.
Let yourself get angry when it is needed.

There are so many sentences in society, that women shouldn't be angry. (as same as sadness for men)
Feelings are unisex and everybody has permission to use them in a conscious and responsible way.
For me, the anger is so important to support my body with sounds,
breathing and moving in such a dynamic way, that the baby is also knowing where to go.

And There is also Sadness ...

Sadness, because I am letting this Baby go and it is also an end of a period,
where we were one inside One Blood Cycle.

Sadness, because I feel connected to this being and there is so much love, that it makes me cry.
Some tears they come out of Unity and Oneness, of Love and Intimacy. It´s coming from a pure connection.
(If you ever attempted to a marriage, holding a newborn in your arms, seeing your beloved again after a long period...
then you know, that there is also a kind of sadness, which is not painful... It is a sadness full of light.)

This Sadness helps me to stay open with my heart.

In my last birth I was crying and really Giving Up and I said: „I don´t do this“ ...
And finally „I“ didn't do it ...
me the final movements came from somewhere else ...
And they could come because I was completely washing me out of the one who needs to DO it.

So, this is an invitation for each and everyone, let your feelings LIVE.
There is no Good or Bad in Feelings.
They are natural like Storm, Wind, Rain and Sunshine.
They just happen and they are all essential and needed.

Pregnant women don´t need to be smiling Buddhas all day long. There are many forces and energies they all need to be acknowledged.

Yes, I am super Happy to be a Mom of an amazing child and soon I will be Super Happy Mom to an amazing second child. AND this doesn't mean, that I am always joyful.

Pregnancy is everything. Birth is Everything. Life is everything.

With Love, Gratitude
and all my present feelings

PS: If you need any support in your pregnancy or birth process,
Write me, I'm here to serve you!








Simone Gorholt
Simone Gorholt
As a healer, Simone is creating a deep and sacred space for her client to unfold, where patterns can come up, show themselves and be released in a non-judgmental way...

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