Dreams as a Source of Transformation

"The Night might bring us the answers to questions, we didn't even figure out how to ask ..."
W hat is really happening while we are dreaming? There are thousands of pieces of research, studies, and theories... and in the end, we only have one chance, if we wish to find the truth. We ask the only one, who really knows: The Dream itself.

Once we start to enter this unknown territory of the Dreams with the guidance of the Mexican Shamans, the night becomes more conscious and bright.

Dreams are more than processing information and data. It is also this and we can be grateful, that our subconscious mind is working so actively to keep us vital and clear.

And there is so much more. How many times we hear ourselves or others saying, “It was just a dream”. Yes, it was a dream, but why “just”?
Where is the acknowledgment this realm is deserving?

Let´s create it.

In our dream world, we even have more possibilities to live beyond our limited mind. All the judgment, all the habits and what we think we are, is in the Night on StandBy-Modus and our Soul has the space to express herself.

Once we really own and understand this dimension of the Dreams,
as soon as we are able to navigate through our astral night experiences,
then we got a great tool for our life.
The Night gives us a big time frame of manifesting, what we really wish to experience in our lives
and with some simple technique, we are becoming the pilot of this spaceship very easy, which is guiding us through our Dreamworld.

Once we have learned how to remember our dreams, we can start to listen to their message ...

Once we got the tool how to recall complete dreams, they seem to be important but until now we just had pieces of them in our active memory (They are stored somewhere, no matter how many years ... They are there, waiting to be opened) ...

Once we know how to become conscious during a dream, that we are dreaming,
we can really see the gift life is bringing us through this field and enjoy its gifts.

Let´s give acknowledgment to our multidimensional Being
and start to pay attention to our precious Dreamworld.
It deserves it.

If you wish to learn the Shaman Dream Technique and many other beautiful tools coming from the Curanderos Lineage, sign up for the Dreams Class or contact me directly.

Thank you,
See you in the Dream plane.

Simone Gorholt
Simone Gorholt
As a healer, Simone is creating a deep and sacred space for her client to unfold, where patterns can come up, show themselves and be released in a non-judgmental way...

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