Happy Parents – Healthy Children

Where is the Connection between Healing and Parenting ?

The first phrase popping up inside myself is

Becoming a Parent IS already a healing ..

Before we become parents we think, we need to be done with all our personal stuff, to be clear, who we are, healing and dissolving the issues we carry within us from the past.
Then we see sometimes, that life is taking another road and we get children before we are done with our things.

This is giving us the possibility to see that Life itself is Healing and that once we choose a path, nothing and nobody can stop us. Becoming a mother or father might be one of the most transformational and healing processes we can experience on this planet.

And the more we are spending Time with our family, children and other parents, we see that there is something significant in all ..

The biggest and most important part for the relationship between parents and children to be healthy and whole, is not to be free from issues and complexities. It is much more to acknowledge them as our stuff and commit to heal them and to free our children from a package we need to carry ourselves.

Once we start observing ourselves and other parents around us we can also see, that the Happiness and Inner Peace of our child is very much related to us.
And this might not be a secret , but in our culture there is still the tendecy to focus on the child, what to do for him and how to fix him, when there is in our eyes some imbalance in him.

When we hear for example from other people, that our children are “extraodinary happy”, we can really take it personal because this shows us, that we also holding space for happiness.
There might be days, where we are not so much in peace and then our children are directly showing it to us through their behaviour.

Children bring their own things and for sure there are moments, where we are completely in Bliss and Joy and our children are nervous for some reason. They are from the first moment of their life their own beings and they already take their decisions and seeing life through their own eyes and still, they are, especially when they are young, breathing and moving within the space, we as parents are creating for them, physically and also energetically and mentally.

Being a parent brings also up so many things from our own childhood. While we see our children playing around, there are our own experiences popping up, memories they just come back through this experience as being a parent now.

There is so much potential in being a family to heal, to grow, to choose something else than what we experienced or maybe the same, that is is an ongoing evolutionary process as long as we stay awake and open with our heart.
More than growing children , we are growing with them.

Simone Gorholt
Simone Gorholt
As a healer, Simone is creating a deep and sacred space for her client to unfold, where patterns can come up, show themselves and be released in a non-judgmental way...

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