Multi Level Magic . June 23-26 [webinar]

2-days Webinar to explore
the CUBE magic.

Join us to learn how to use the sacred geometry of the cube to create a Perfect Containment Field.

In this class you will:

Learn about low, middle and high Magic

Get initiation on the Cube Sacred Geometry

and the Perfect Containment Field

Create a Multi Level Magic to square your energy field

and the one of your clients

Learn how to get rid of Psychic Attak

When you energy field is squared, no matter where life will push you, there will be always a conscious empowering essence waiting for you.

Host Tool Languages Fee*
Peppino Bellusci GoToMeeting English, Italian 110 euro

*The fee includes:

  • 6h online course
  • Student Manual
  • 3 month supervision

To Register contact us at
Peppino Bellusci
Peppino Bellusci
Peppino is a gifted Awakened Doctor, carefully and authentically blending Modern Medicine with Ancient Shamanic Wisdom to assist others in reaching their Natural healthy state...

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