Magical Nights in Cologne v2.0. June 2018 [Cologne, Germany]

A JUNE Full Of Magic

15 Shamanic Night @ Fleur de Coeur - Köln

17 Women Day with Simone @ Fleur de Coeur - Köln

18 and 25 Dreams with Simone @ Raum für Zeit - Much

19, 20 Light Language 1 with Peppino @ Fleur de Coeur - Köln

22,23 and 24 Light Language 2 @ Fleur de Coeur - Köln

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Peppino Bellusci
Peppino Bellusci
Peppino is a gifted Awakened Doctor, carefully and authentically blending Modern Medicine with Ancient Shamanic Wisdom to assist others in reaching their Natural healthy state...

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